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Amy Lowell

Nuit Blanche A music coaxed from humming strings would please; Not plucked, but drawn in creeping cadences Across a sunset wall where some Marquise Picks a pale rose amid strange silences. Ghostly and vaporous her gown sweeps by The twilight dusking wall, I hear her feet Delaying on the gravel, and a sigh, Briefly permitted,… Continue reading Amy Lowell


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Titus Lucretius Caru

From the very fountain of enchantment there arises a taste of bitterness to spread anguish amongst the flowers. — Titus Lucretius Caru, The Way Things Are: The De Rerum Natura. Translated by Rolfe Humphries, (Indiana University Press January 1, 1968)

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Mary Oliver

And did you feel it, in your heart, how it pertained to everything? And have you too finally figured out what beauty is for? And have you changed your life? Mary Oliver, from “Swan,” Swan: Poems and Prose Poems. (Beacon Press; 1St Edition edition September 14, 2010)

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Dylan Thomas

And taken by light in her arms at long and dear last                I may without fail Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars. — Dylan Thomas, from “Love in the Asylum,” The Collected Poems of Dylan Thomas: The Original Edition. (New Directions (April 23, 2010) Originally published 1953.

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