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René Char

In the streets of the town goes my love. Small matter where she moves in divided time. She is no longer my love, anyone may speak with her. She remembers no longer: who exactly loved her? She seeks her equal in glances, pledging. The space she traverses is my faithfulness. She traces a hope and… Continue reading René Char


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Michelle Nguyen

sometimes when I’m not paying attention, I am brought to a moment, passed when my legs ran against beach sand racing towards waves, relentless a memory just barely out of grasp of being young and being free from obligation, rising rent prices career leaps and bounds I’m getting farther and farther from the shoreline I’m… Continue reading Michelle Nguyen

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Kapka Kassabova

And it’s a relief, or a small death, to be standing, dressed in the simplicity of night, for once not crumpled by ecstasy, anticipation or senseless joy. Silently, you greet the ocean, this pliant metaphor for anything we feel at a given time. As of tonight, you ascribe to it no meaning, no truth, no… Continue reading Kapka Kassabova

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