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James Arthur

Nothing will come of nothing, someone once said. The first poem I wrote, I wrote for a girl, knowing for certain what I meant. More intertwining than a Celtic knot. More beseeching than a forget-me-not. More far-reaching and daring, more engaged with the world. Can a man build a tower out of air alone? He… Continue reading James Arthur

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Greg Wrenn

Ode, Aubade And the morning, too, falters, struggles to assert itself, burn through the errant fog, the pines, scorch the whole grove of trees and crooked streetlamps. Your body’s turning, turning beside me in my bed’s— sprawl? Badlands? You sigh on my neck. Startled, the crick and sob buried inside it like a pulsar behind… Continue reading Greg Wrenn

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Daisy Zamora

In the dimly lit room I had a brief glimpse of bliss: sight of your naked body like a god reclining. That was all. Quite unaware you got up to get your clothes just naturally while I shuddered like the earth split open by lightning. — Daisy Zamora, “Vision of Your Body,” UniVerse: Nicaragua.

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Philip K. Dick

Fate is fluid, Captain Wegener. Destiny is in the hands of men.– The Man in the High Castle, Season One, Episode One, “The New World” Amazon series (2015) Based on The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

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