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Miguel Hernández

After Love We could not be. The earth could not be enough for us. We are not equal to what the sun intended with its distant desire. One foot draws a little closer to the light. The other insists on darkness. Because love is not forever, not in me, or anyone else. Hatred waits for… Continue reading Miguel Hernández

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Søren Kierkegaard

In my great melancholy, I loved life, for I love my melancholy. ― Søren Kierkegaard

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W. S. Merwin

The wind lifts the whole branch of the poplar carries it up and out and holds it there while each leaf is the whole tree reaching from its roots in the dark earth out through all its rings of memory to where it has never been — W. S. Merwin, from “Weinrich’s Hand,” The Moon… Continue reading W. S. Merwin

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Octavio Paz

I ask for a brief flash, the sudden glint of a reflection on the wave of that moment : memory and forgetting, in the end, the same instantaneous clarity. — Octavio Paz, “Prayer,” A Tree Within (New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1988)

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