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Mircea Eliade

Poetry remakes and prolongs language; every poetic language begins by being a secret language, that is, the creation of a personal universe, of a completely closed world. The purest poetic act seems to re-create language from an inner experience that … reveals the essence of things. — Mircea Eliade, Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy. (Princeton… Continue reading Mircea Eliade

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Carlos Castaneda

The dying sun will glow on you without burning, as it has done today. The wind will be soft and mellow and your hilltop will tremble. As you reach the end of your dance you will look at the sun, for you will never see it again in waking or in dreaming, and then your… Continue reading Carlos Castaneda

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Georges Bataille

Poetry leads to the same place as all forms of eroticism — to the blending and fusion of separate objects. It leads us to eternity, it leads us to death, and through death to continuity. Poetry is eternity; the sun matched with the sea. — Georges Bataille, Death and Sensuality. (City Lights Publishers January 1,… Continue reading Georges Bataille

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Frank O’Hara

I trust the sanity of my vessel; and    if it sinks, it may well be in answer    to the reasoning of the eternal voices, the waves which have kept me from reaching you. —Frank O’Hara, from “To the Harbormaster,” The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara. (University of California Press March 31, 1995)

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Neil Gaiman

I think I fell in love with her, a little bit. Isn’t that dumb? But it was like I knew her. Like she was my oldest, dearest friend. The kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, and they’ll still love you, because they know you. I wanted to go with… Continue reading Neil Gaiman

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