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Octavio Paz

By these fallen syllablesseeds of a charred pomegranateI swear to be earth and wind                                             whirlingover your bones —  Octavio Paz, from “Wind From All Compass Points,” The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987. Edited by Eliot Weinberger, Translated byElizabeth Bishop (New Directions April 17, 1991) Originally published 1987.

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K.I. Hope

 Her heart became a bird, trapped inside the glass box of her chest, flapping violently into wall after invisible wall, crumpling into a heap of broken hollow-bones on the transparent floor. — K.I. Hope, Hector. (Abolish Publishing; 3.7 edition August 25, 2011)  Originally published in 2009.

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James Joyce

Goodbye, my darling whom I am trying to degrade and deprave. How on God’s earth can you possibly love a thing like me? — James Joyce, from a letter to Nora Barnacle, “Fμckbird and Jim: James Joyce’s letters to Nora Barnacle.” February 25, 2011.

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Ernest Hemingway

She was looking into my eyes with that way she of looking that made you wonder whether she really saw out of her own eyes. They would look on and on after everyone else’s eyes in the world would have stopped looking. She looked as though there were nothing on earth she would not look… Continue reading Ernest Hemingway

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Be near me Be near me now,My tormenter, my love, be near me—At this hour when night comes down,When, having drunk from the gash of sunset, darkness comesWith the balm of musk in its hands, its diamond lancets,When it comes with cries of lamentation,                                             with laughter with songs;Its blue-gray anklets of pain clinking with every… Continue reading Faiz Ahmed Faiz

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Marcel Proust

Our desires cut across one another, and in this confused existence it is rare for happiness to coincide with the desire that clamoured for it. — Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time Volume 2: In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower or Within a Budding Grave (Penguin Classics; Reprint edition January 25, 2005)… Continue reading Marcel Proust

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Vicente Aleixandre

I want love or death, I want to be totally dead,I want to turn into you, your blood, that roaring, confined lavathat sends our fingertips out, like water,so it can feel the beautiful edges of life. — Vicente Aleixandre , from “Wholeness Within Her,” A Longing for the Light: Selected Poems of Vicente Aleixandre. (American… Continue reading Vicente Aleixandre

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Emil M. Ciora

All men see fires, storms, explosions, or landscapes; but how many feel the flames, the lightnings, the whirlwinds, or the harmony? How many have an inner beauty that tinges their melancholy? For the indifferent, to whom nature offers an insipid and cold objectivity, life even when fully enjoyed is a sum of missed opportunities. — Emil… Continue reading Emil M. Ciora

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