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Tristan Tzara

The Death of Apollinaire (La Mort de Guillaume Apollinaire) We know nothing                We know nothing of grief The bitter season of cold                                                       Ploughs long furrows in our muscles He would have rather enjoyed delight in victory                We wise beneath calm sorrows caged                                                       Unable to do a thing                                              If the snow… Continue reading Tristan Tzara

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Amy Lowell

Must all of worth be travailled for, and those Life’s brightest stars rise from a troubled sea? Must years go by in sad uncertainty Leaving us doubting whose the conquering blows, Are we or Fate the victors? Time which shows All inner meanings will reveal, but we Shall never know the upshot. Ours to be… Continue reading Amy Lowell

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Wallace Stevens

Now in midsummer come and all fools slaughtered And spring’s infuriations over and a long way To the first autumnal inhalations, young broods Are in the grass, the roses are heavy with a weight Of fragrance and the mind lays by its trouble. — Wallace Stevens, from “Credences of Summer,” The Collected Poems of Wallace… Continue reading Wallace Stevens

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Rainer Maria Rilke

The deep parts of my life pour onward, as if the river shores were opening out. It seems that things are more like me now, that I can see farther into paintings. I feel closer to what language can’t reach. With my sense, as with birds, I climb into the windy heaven, out of the… Continue reading Rainer Maria Rilke

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Shinkichi Takahashi

The wind blows hard among the pines Toward the beginning Of an endless past. Listen: you’ve heard everything. — Shinkichi Takahashi, “Wind Among The Pines,” Where We Are: Selected Poems and Zen Translations. Editor & Trans. Lucien Stryk (Skoob Books, 1997)

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Pierre-Albert Jourdan

You cannot become attached to human beings, things, or landscapes without suffering immediately taking up a position at your side. This is probably a trite remark. Yet a much stranger fate brings you face to face with uprootedness. It is better, then, to accept the suffering at your side. And illuminate it with love. —… Continue reading Pierre-Albert Jourdan

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