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Donald Justice

Ode to a Dressmaker’s Dummy     Papier-mache body; blue-and-black cotton jersey cover.     Metal stand. Instructions included. –Sears, Roebuck Catalogue               O my coy darling, still               You wear for me the scent          Of those long afternoons we spent,                The two of us together,     Safe in the attic from the jealous eyes… Continue reading Donald Justice


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C.P. Cavafy

Ideal and dearly beloved voices of those who are dead, or of those who are lost to us like the dead. Sometimes they speak to us in our dreams; sometimes in thought the mind hears them. And for a moment with their echo other echoes return from the first poetry of our lives — like… Continue reading C.P. Cavafy

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Softer than rainfall at twilight, Bringing the fields benediction And the hills quiet and greyness, Are my long thoughts of thee. — Sappho, from “LXVII: Indoors the fire is kindled,” Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics by Bliss Carmen (L.C. Page, 1904)

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