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Meg Rosoff

Nevertheless, I can tell you that you will awake someday to find that your life has rushed by at a speed at once impossible and cruel. The most intense moments will seem to have occurred only yesterday and nothing will have erased the pain and pleasure, the impossible intensity of love and its dog-leaping happiness,… Continue reading Meg Rosoff

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Simon van Booy

We touched with a softness that pushed through the skin into memory, like arms plunged into a river — we could feel the weight of each other’s stones. — Simon van Booy, from “Conception,” The Secret Lives of People in Love: Stories. (Turtle Point Press; First Edition edition, May 1, 2007)

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Anne Stevenson

My brain’s a film, I’m made of timed exposures, And pounding my ears and eyes with waves of light— These animate flakes, these pictures I call sight. But now you’re out of the picture, no one can keep Coherent sightings of you, except in language. — Anne Stevenson, from “Elegy: In Coherent Light,” Poetry (July/August… Continue reading Anne Stevenson

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