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Joyce Sidman

Dusk felland the cold came creeping,cam prickling into our hearts.As we tucked beaksinto feathers and settled for sleep,our wings knew. That night, we dreamed the journey:ice-blue sky and the yodel of flight,the sun’s pale wafer,the crisp drink of clouds.We dreamed ourselves so far aloftthat the earth curved beneath usand nothing sang buta whistling vee of… Continue reading Joyce Sidman

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Norman Dubie

The sunlight passes through the window into the roomWhere you are sewing a button to your blouse: outsideWater in the fountain risesToward a cloud.  This plume of water is lighterNow, for white shares of itself are falling backToward the ground.This water does succeed, like us,In nearing a perfect exhaustion,Which is its origin.  The water Succeeds… Continue reading Norman Dubie

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