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Ann-Marie MacDonald

Under a smoky streetlamp I stood face to face with my beloved and pricked my fingers against the diamond studs of her immaculate shirt front. Being tall, she slipped her hands naturally about my hips and pulled me close. And being bold, I put my mouth on hers and this time went inside and told… Continue reading Ann-Marie MacDonald

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Larry Levis

And though I don’t know much about madness, I know it lives in the thin body like a harp Behind the rib cage. It makes it painful to move. And when you kneel in madness your knees are glass, And so you must stand up again with great care. Larry Levis, from “For Zbigniew Herbert,… Continue reading Larry Levis

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Sylvia Plath

So, now I shall talk every night. To myself. To the moon. I shall walk, as I did tonight, jealous of my loneliness, in the blue-silver of the cold moon, shining brilliantly on the drifts of fresh-fallen snow, with the myriad sparkles. I talk to myself and look at the dark trees, blessedly neutral. So… Continue reading Sylvia Plath

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Paulo Coelho

But love is always new. Regardless of whether we love once, twice, or a dozen times in our life, we always face a brand-new situation. Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere. We simply have to accept it, because it is what nourishes our existence. If we… Continue reading Paulo Coelho

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Neil Gaiman

I think I fell in love with her, a little bit. Isn’t that dumb? But it was like I knew her. Like she was my oldest, dearest friend. The kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, and they’ll still love you, because they know you. I wanted to go with… Continue reading Neil Gaiman

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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

All men have stars, but they are not the same things for different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky. For others, who are scholars, they are problems… But all these stars are silent. You-You alone will have stars as… Continue reading Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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