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F. Scott Fitzgerald

If I knew words enough, I could write the longest love letter in the world and never get tired. — F. Scott Fitzgerald, from “Head and Shoulders,” The Best Early Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Modern Library; Modern Library Pbk. Ed edition, November 8, 2005) Originally published 1924.

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Jorge Luis Borges

The other one, the one called Borges, is the one things happen to. I walk through the streets of Buenos Aires and stop for a moment, perhaps mechanically now, to look at the arch of an entrance hall and the grillwork on the gate; I know of Borges from the mail and see his name… Continue reading Jorge Luis Borges

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James Baldwin

I couldn’t believe it: but what I mean by that is that I couldn’t find any room for it anywhere inside me. I had kept it outside me for a long time. I hadn’t wanted to know. — James Baldwin, from “Sonny’s Blues” (1957), Going to Meet the Man. (Vintage; Reissue edition, April 25, 1995)… Continue reading James Baldwin

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Richard Siken

Oh we’re a mess, poor humans, poor flesh—hybrids of angels and animals, dolls with diamonds stuffed inside them We’ve been to the moon and we’re still fighting over Jerusalem. Let me tell you what I do know: I am more than one thing, and not all of those things are good. — Richard Siken, from… Continue reading Richard Siken

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