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Emily Dickinson

When the best is gone, I know that other things are not of consequence. The heart wants what it wants, or else it does not care. — Emily Dickinson, Letters of Emily Dickinson: Volume I. (Forgotten Books, November 16, 2016) Originally published September 12th 2013. Advertisements

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Kahlil Gibran

The resting place of my soul is a beautiful grove where my knowledge of you lives. ― Kahlil Gibran, Beloved Prophet: The Love Letters of Kahlil Gibran and Mary Haskell, and Her Private Journal. (Knopf; 1st edition, February 12, 1972)

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Vladimir Nabokov

You came into my life — not as one comes to visit … but as one comes to a kingdom where all the rivers have been waiting for your reflection, all the roads, for your steps. — Vladimir Nabokov, Letters to Véra, ed. and transl. Olga Voronina and Brian Boyd (Alfred A. Knopf, 2014)

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Etty Hillesum

We have to become as simple and as wordless as the growing corn or the falling rain. We must just be. — Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life: The Diaries, 1941-1943; and Letters from Westerbork. (Picador; unknown edition, November 15, 1996)

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Friedrich Nietzsche

My heartbeat has reached the epitome of rottenness; It is no longer part of my heart. Time for the shadows to come and grab me by the brain. Dearest, I am asking you again: Just how far is the sky? — Friedrich Nietzsche, Selected Letters. (Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.; 2nd edition, December 15, 1996) Originally… Continue reading Friedrich Nietzsche

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Arthur Rimbaud

I’m degrading myself as much as possible now. Why? I want to be a poet, and I’m working to turn myself into a seer; you don’t understand it at all and I don’t know how to explain it. It’s all a matter of arriving at the unknown via the derangement of all the senses …… Continue reading Arthur Rimbaud

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Mary Shelley

I am unstable, sometimes melancholy, and have been called on some occasions imperious; but I never did an ungenerous act in my life. I sympathise warmly with others, and have wasted my heart in their love. ― Mary Shelley, The Life and Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 3, 2014) Originally

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