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Pablo Neruda

Here I came to the very edgewhere nothing at all needs saying,everything is absorbed through weather and the sea,and the moon swam back,its rays all silvered,and time and again the darkness would be brokenby the crash of a wave,and every day on the balcony of the sea,wings open, fire is born,and everything is blue again… Continue reading Pablo Neruda


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Sabrina Orah Mark

where I fold and unfold my left arm into November, my hair          into my sister,where the black-gloved woman plays my heart like a crumpled          violin,where I stand creased and lusting for paper, where I have no          more dead loversthan you, where beautiful girls are always asked for directions,where I keep myself real, flirting with the… Continue reading Sabrina Orah Mark

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Don McKay

Sometimes a voice—have you heard this?—wants not to be voice any longer, wants somethingwhispering between the words, somerumor of its former life. Sometimes, evenin the midst of making sense or conversation, it willhearken back to breath, or even farther,to the wind, and recognize itselfas troubled air, a flight path stilllooking for its bird. — Don… Continue reading Don McKay

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