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Ghassan Zaqtan

Nothing’s left to say between us everything went into the train that hid its whistle in the smoke that didn’t become a cloud in the departure that gathered your limbs Nothing’s left to say between us so let your death be the insight of dazzling silver and let the sun of those cities be a… Continue reading Ghassan Zaqtan

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Marina Tsvetaeva

An Attempt at Jealousy How is your life with an ordinary woman? without the god inside her? The queen supplanted— How do you breathe now? Flinch, waking up? What do you do, poor man? How’s your life with a tourist on Earth? Her rib (do you love her?) is it to your liking? How do… Continue reading Marina Tsvetaeva

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Pablo Neruda

Here I came to the very edge where nothing at all needs saying, everything is absorbed through weather and the sea, and the moon swam back, its rays all silvered, and time and again the darkness would be broken by the crash of a wave, and every day on the balcony of the sea, wings… Continue reading Pablo Neruda

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Fernando Pessoa

A physical nausea, prompted by all of life, was born in the moment I woke up. A horror at the prospect of having to live got up with me out of bed. Everything seemed hollow, and I had the chilling impression that there is no solution for whatever the problem may be. — Fernando Pessoa,… Continue reading Fernando Pessoa

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