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Leonora Carrington

Your head has dissolved into thin air and I can see the rhododendrons through your stomach. It’s not that you are dead or anything dramatic like that, it is simply that you are fading away and I can’t even remember your name. — Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet. (Exact Change; 1ST edition, February 2, 2004)… Continue reading Leonora Carrington

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Siegfried Sassoon

I love all things that pass: their briefness is Music that fades on transient silences. Winds, birds, and glittering leaves that flare and fall— They fling delight across the world; they call To rhythmic-flashing limbs that rove and race… A moment in the dawn for Youth’s lit face; A moment’s passion, closing on the cry—… Continue reading Siegfried Sassoon

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T. S. Eliot

                                           Can we only love Something created by our own imagination? Are we all in fact unloving and unlovable? Then one is alone, and if one is alone Then lover and beloved are equally unreal, And the dreamer is no more real than his dreams. —T. S. Eliot, from “The Cocktail Party,” Complete Poems and… Continue reading T. S. Eliot

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