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Stephen Dunn

More and more you learn to live with the unacceptable. You sense the ever-hidden God retreating even farther, terrified or embarrassed. — Stephen Dunn, from “Before the Sky Darkens,” as quoted in “Down from the Tower: Poetry as Confabulation,” by Bill Christophersen, Poetry (January 2002)

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Margaret Atwood

Everything once had a soul, even this clam, this pebble. Each had a secret name. Everything listened. Everything was real, but didn’t always love you. You needed to take care. — Margaret Atwood, from “Because We Love Bare Hills and Stunted Trees,” Poetry Ireland Review Issue 116

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Baily Cohen

I’ve never wanted more than to be a ghost and reach through your chest and grab the shatterable thing, only to forget what I cannot touch. Like so many sharp things, I know I couldn’t stand to watch myself disappear into you. — Baily Cohen, from “Have I Ever Been Wicked?” The Boiler (no. 29,… Continue reading Baily Cohen

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Richard Jackson

Why is it we love so fully what has washed up on the beaches of our hearts, those lost messages, lost friends, the daylight stars we never get to see? Bad luck never takes a vacation, my friend once wrote. It lies there among the broken shells and stones we collect, a story he would… Continue reading Richard Jackson

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