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Rebecca Givens Rolland

Leaving is a thing you’re always doing and can’t forget. Leaving is a kind of pact you make with yourself, when you tell yourself you’ll be fine wherever you are, whether it’s the beach with tiny white shells or the carousel with the funny green train or the window you like to climb up on… Continue reading Rebecca Givens Rolland

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Claire Wahmanholm

Night and nightshade, yes, but also                the night-blooming cereus, itself a cloak of nameless fragrance,                its face an hours-long brightness in the desert, crumpling under morning’s                fist—yes, the night-bloomers and also the nightingale, night-                song, night-dew, the nightside of the heart as if it were a moon,                the privacy, how… Continue reading Claire Wahmanholm

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Yasmin Belkhyr

If you dissect the poem, this is what you will find: a handful of broken glass, salt bedding routes into our cheeks. If you crack an egg, something spills. The rabbit is limp & yet, the moon continues to glow. The rabbit is limp & yet, here I am, mouth stupid and dry. Palm of… Continue reading Yasmin Belkhyr

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