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William Kistler

strange isn’t it how every day brings us to a place we’ve never been, strange isn’t it, my nearly perfect one, how passionate we once were, almost, I would say, like bread and cheese which cannot bear to part and thus go down the dark throat together. And now it seems we have nothing other… Continue reading William Kistler

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Aricka Foreman

I am dreaming of tornadoes again, too many for the sky to contain. I have checked eight websites and the dictionary on my nightstand. I did not need technology or a writer to tell me there is chaos in my heart. I don’t tell people sometimes my dreams come true. I fear some parts are… Continue reading Aricka Foreman

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Traci Brimhall

In a bullet-riddled villa we choreograph swordfights and sing to militant termites feasting on the walls. We read newspapers from headlines to horoscope. Our nights too long. Our bed too big for every room. We turn invisible doorknobs, light ignus fatuus chandeliers. The storyteller paints her body when she loses her voice, and we pass… Continue reading Traci Brimhall

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Dawn Lonsinger

the forecast kisses my cheeks             with upheaval, says here it comes and I feel a little tingly, sky darkening to slate, then brightening to white                                      the thrill of undoing and hurdle pouring over our windows cans of soup and wax beans just roll off the shelf                                                 and then it starts—the slow                                    … Continue reading Dawn Lonsinger

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Ahren Warner

I’ve aimed no further than the soul’s automata, transcribed no more than the sorrow of adjustment aborted. I am a complete abyss. Those that believed me capable – of a sorrow complete, beautiful sorrow; an angst corporeal, replete; an angst that exists as objects, a luminous pestling – not a point — Ahren Warner, from “Nervometer,”… Continue reading Ahren Warner

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