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James Arthur

Nothing will come of nothing, someone once said. The first poem I wrote, I wrote for a girl, knowing for certain what I meant. More intertwining than a Celtic knot. More beseeching than a forget-me-not. More far-reaching and daring, more engaged with the world. Can a man build a tower out of air alone? He… Continue reading James Arthur

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Allen Braden

Then the bees come, more than you’d ever expect, whirring from sprig to sprig with such meticulous and random urgency you might think they understand each blossom begins to die upon its opening which has been hurried along by your own desire. — Allen Braden, from “Lilacs and Desires,” Louisiana Literature (vol. 34, no. 1,… Continue reading Allen Braden

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Tim Ingold

To perceive a landscape is therefore to carry out an act of remembrance, and remembering is not so much a matter of calling up an internal image, stored in the mind, as of engaging perceptually with an environment that is itself pregnant with the past. — Tim Ingold, from “The Temporality of the Landscape,” World… Continue reading Tim Ingold

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