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Henry Taylor

Imagined air unweavesour losses and dissolvesourselves into ourselves,scatters us into leaves,and you and I becomewhatever words we mayhave come so far to say. — Henry Taylor, from “Learning the Language,” The Flying Change: Poems (Louisiana State University Press, 1985)

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Ann Rinaldi

Because I had already resolved that if you’re afraid of love, your heart will break anyway, only in not half so nice a fashion as it does when you let somebody love you. ― Ann Rinaldi, Time Enough for Drums. (Troll Communications Llc; 1St Edition edition August 1988)

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Wisława Szymborska

I RESTORE lost love.Act now! Special offer!You lie on last year’s grassbathed in sunlight to the chinwhile winds of summers pastcaress your hair and seemto lead you in a dance.For further details, write: “Dream.” — Wisława Szymborska, from “Classifieds,” Poems, New and Collected, 1957-1997. (Mariner Books; 1 edition November 16, 2000) Originally published January 1st… Continue reading Wisława Szymborska

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Georges Bataille

Compared to the person I love, the universe seems poor and empty. This universe isn’t ‘risked’ because it’s not ‘perishable.’ But the beloved is the ‘beloved’ for only a single person. Carnal love, because not ‘sheltered from thieves’ or vicissitudes, is greater than divine love. It risks me and the one I love. God by… Continue reading Georges Bataille

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