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A.S. Byatt

I think, yes, a man and a woman can be good friends, but it isn’t easy for them being as no one else will suppose that that is what they are. And then there’s the problem of being different sexes. I think if they are good friends, then whatever else they are – or are… Continue reading A.S. Byatt

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Philip Larkin

Alone now, in my dark room, The pebbles cease to drop into the rocking pool And gradually the surface quietens Reflecting image of darkest peace and silence. No questions catch the clothes But only as it were a spreading Draws all threads to their finished pattern And you are pieced together bit by bit Set… Continue reading Philip Larkin

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Harold Pinter

“Sometimes I think I have always been sitting like this. I sometimes think I have always been sitting like this, alone by an indifferent fire, curtains closed, night, winter. — Harold Pinter, Family Voices: A Play for Radio. (Grove Pr; First Edition edition (November 1, 1981)

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