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Andrea Dworkin

Skin is a line of demarcation, a periphery, the fence, the form, the shape, the first clue to identity …and, in purely physical terms, the formal precondition for being human. It is a thin veil of matter separating the outside from the inside…skin is separation, individuality, the basis for corporeal privacy… — Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse.… Continue reading Andrea Dworkin

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American Culture · American Literature · Contemporary · Excerpt · Feminism · Gender · Gender Studies · Non-fiction · Paraphrase · Passage · Philosophy · Psychology · Quote

Carol Gilligan

Maybe love is like rain. Sometimes gentle, sometimes torrential, flooding, eroding, joyful, steady, filling the earth, collecting in underground springs. When it rains, when we love, life grows. — Carol Gilligan, The Birth of Pleasure. (Knopf; 1 edition May 7, 2002)

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