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Juan Luis Guzmán

Pantoum The first time I touch a man in lust I remember this: pleasure isn’t something you should give away so easily. Everything I know about loving a man comes second hand; my mother shares with my sister in the next room, I listen. Pleasure isn’t something you should give away so easily, I collect… Continue reading Juan Luis Guzmán

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Lisa Russ Spaar

When this day returns to me I will value your heart, long hurt in long division, over mine. Mouth above mine too — say you love me, truth never more meant, say you are angry. Words, words we net with our mouths. Soul is an old thirst but not as first as the body’s perhaps, though… Continue reading Lisa Russ Spaar

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Joy Harjo

I will never forget you. Your nakedness haunts me in the dawn when I can not distinguish your flushed brown skin from the burning horizon, or my hands. The smell of chaos lingers in the clothes you left behind. I hold you there. —  Joy Harjo, from “Songs from the House of Death, or How… Continue reading Joy Harjo

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Dunya Mikhail

How thrilling to appear in his eyes. She can’t understand what he’s saying: she’s too busy chewing his voice. She looks at the mouth she’ll never kiss, at the shoulder she’ll never cry on, at the hand she’ll never hold, and at the ground where their shadows meet. — Dunya Mikhail, from “Tablets,” trans. from… Continue reading Dunya Mikhail

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