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Sandra Cisneros

Bring me a drink.I need to think a little.Paper. Pen.And I could use the stinkof a good cigar–eventhough the sun’s out.The grackles in the trees.The grackles inside my heart.Broken feathers and stiff wings. I could jump.But I don’t.You could kill me.But you won’t. The gracklescalling to each other.The long hours.The long hours.The long hours. —… Continue reading Sandra Cisneros

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Luis Omar Salinas

Sometimes in the evening when lovetunes its harp and the cricketscelebrate life, I am like a troubadourin search of friends, loved ones,anyone who will share with mea bit of conversation. My lonelinessarrives ghostlike and pretentious,it seeks my soul, it is ravenousand hurting. I admire my fatherwho always has advice in these matters,but a game of… Continue reading Luis Omar Salinas

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Lorna Dee Cervantes

I’m burning like the white ring around the moon. “A witch’s moon,” dijo mi abuela. The schools call it “a reflection of ice crystals.” It’s a storm brewing in the cauldron of the sky. I’m in love — Lorna Dee Cervantes, from “The Body As Braille,” Emplumada. (University of Pittsburgh Press; 1 edition, December 31,… Continue reading Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Rachel McKibbens

A child came up to me in the park and asked for a cigarette. Her eyes were startled cats, her voice, a chandelier. I don’t smoke, I said. She took a seat beside me on the bench, resting her head against my shoulder. Her hair smelled like an old dictionary cracked open after rain. I… Continue reading Rachel McKibbens

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Francisco X. Alarcón

If I become mute kissing your thighs, it’s that my heart eagerly searches your flesh for a new dawn.” — Francisco X. Alarcón, from “Of Dark Love” From the Other Side of Night/Del Otro Lado De LA Noche: New and Selected Poems. (University of Arizona Press; Bilingual edition February 1, 2002)

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