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Bob Taylor

1I can’t help but hatehaiku. They end abruptlyjust as they’re getting2going. See? I needanother just to finishthis simple thought, and3maybe it’s true thatall the love in the world couldfit in a matchbox4but who would want totry, and where, in that case, wouldone store their matches?—  Rob Taylor, “Haikus 1-4,”  The Other Side of Ourselves, Previously… Continue reading Bob Taylor

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Amy Lowell

Twenty-Four Hokku On A Modern Theme I   Again the larkspur,   Heavenly blue in my garden.   They, at least, unchanged.         II   How have I hurt you?   You look at me with pale eyes,   But these are my tears.         III   Morning and evening–   Yet for us once… Continue reading Amy Lowell

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