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Jeffrey McDaniel

I want to cut the silence with one of your shoulderblades, blow moon-shaped kisses to orbit your skull as you sleep on the highest ledge of my insomnia, but I’m a broken promise in a pawn shop, and this is just a secret that happens to involve you. — Jeffrey McDaniel, from “Another Long Night… Continue reading Jeffrey McDaniel

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Natalie Díaz

Ode to the Beloved’s Hips Bells are they—shaped on the eighth day—silvered percussion in the morning—are the morning. Swing switch sway. Hold the day away a little longer, a little slower, a little easy. Call to me— I wanna rock, I-I wanna rock, I-I wanna rock right now—so to them I come—struck-dumb chime-blind, tolling with… Continue reading Natalie Díaz

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