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Joshua Gage

The last taste on your tongue beforeit turns toward me. Mountains fold,seas surrender, cities ceaseand I, alone, remain. When the starsat last flare out, I cling to the dark.I am the fabric you first were folded from.Remember, you return to me. — Joshua Gage, “Dust” Abraxas #47, 2010 Issue. (Abraxas Press)

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Amateur Poet · American Culture · Contemporary · Online Anthology · Online Magazine · Periodical · Poetry · Prose Poetry

Laura Straub

We go into the trees and find a field of wildflowers. Singing, we pick, pick apart and pull together until heaps of flowers fall out of our arms. Milkweed, queen anne’s lace, indigo, poppies, buttercups. Daisies, lavender, bulbous eyebright, until there are none left. Ants and aphids crawl down our backs like sweat. Bees and… Continue reading Laura Straub

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