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E.E. Cummings

[Humanity i love you] Humanity i love youbecause you would rather black the boots ofsuccess than enquire whose soul dangles from hiswatch-chain which would be embarassing for both parties and because youunflinchingly applaud allsongs containing the words country home andmother when sung at the old howard Humanity i love you becausewhen you’re hard up you… Continue reading E.E. Cummings


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Pablo Neruda

I Am Afraid       I’m afraid. The evening is gray and the sadnessof the sky opens like the mouth of a corpse.My heart has a weeping of princessforgotten at the bottom of a deserted palace. I’m afraid. And I feel so tired and smallthat I reflect the evening without meditating on her.(In my sick head a… Continue reading Pablo Neruda

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C.T. Salazar

A rose pinnedto my shirt like a throbbing ear, an earlistening to the wreckage scraping atthe bottom of your words. — C.T. Salazar, from “[This is my box of twilight and inside],” American Cavewall Sonnets (Bull City Press, 2021)

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