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Charles Wright

Everything works against you The way the evening comes down Its trellises one rose at a time The watery knots of light That lap at your memory The way you thought of your life once An endless falling of seeds. — Charles Wright, from “One Two Three,” Hard Freight (Wesleyan University Press, 1973) Advertisements

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American Culture · American Literature · Anthology · Classic · Collection · Compilation · Contemporary · Poetry

Jack Gilbert

Poem For Laura Now come the bright prophets across my life. The solemn fl esh, the miracles, and the pain. Across the simple meadows of my heart, splendidly you come promising sorrow. And knowing, I bless your coming with trees of love, singing, singing even to the night. The princely mornings will fail when you… Continue reading Jack Gilbert

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American Culture · American Literature · Classic · Collection · Contemporary · Poetry

Robert Bly

“Living” means eating up particles of death ….as a child picks up crumbs from around the table. “Floating” means letting the crumbs fall behind you on ….the path. To live is to rush ahead eating up your own death, ….like an endgate, open, hurrying into the night. — Robert Bly, “To Live,” This Tree Will… Continue reading Robert Bly

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Pablo Neruda

You change between teeth and desire into nothing but cool light that loosens into a stream that touched us singing. And thus you don’t weigh us down in the burning siesta hour, you don’t weigh us down, you just go by and your great heart like a cold ember changed into the water of a… Continue reading Pablo Neruda

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