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Michelle Nguyen

sometimes when I’m not paying attention, I am brought to a moment, passed when my legs ran against beach sand racing towards waves, relentless a memory just barely out of grasp of being young and being free from obligation, rising rent prices career leaps and bounds I’m getting farther and farther from the shoreline I’m… Continue reading Michelle Nguyen

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Rebecca Givens Rolland

Leaving is a thing you’re always doing and can’t forget. Leaving is a kind of pact you make with yourself, when you tell yourself you’ll be fine wherever you are, whether it’s the beach with tiny white shells or the carousel with the funny green train or the window you like to climb up on… Continue reading Rebecca Givens Rolland

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Jacqueline Winter Thomas

Eternity buries itself in smaller things. How desperately I have wished for memories to be eternal, but eternity exists only insofar as it buries itself in smaller things. The photograph will exist longer than I can ever remember its being taken. Even the candle which burns exists longer than my recollection of the candle or… Continue reading Jacqueline Winter Thomas

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