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Alice Wright

These dogwood branches on the windowsill—they’re my touch, stemming freshly. In my spell I am suspended, seamed into soft-drawn letters I’ve just learned. Is this the floating feeling when you’ve come into love? — Alice Wright, from “Photograph: Alice Allgood Cooper on Her Wedding Trip,” ecotone (Spring/Summer 2017) Advertisements

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Nin Andrews

My Aphrodisiac Now that you are gone, I want to tell you, you are wrong. About everything. Consider perspective as a case in point. You loved to inform me that far-away things appear smaller. I am here to tell you that distant things grow bigger. Missing objects are the largest of all. Their shadows can… Continue reading Nin Andrews

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Claire Wahmanholm

And soon it’s not just that, but this, this something else, this sticking of gears, this mile of pulled stitches that ravels out of my ear, this tear that comes from nowhere, this fritz, this hitch, this itch that won’t quit, that begets the grains of something like regret and sows them everywhere. — Claire… Continue reading Claire Wahmanholm

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