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Cinto Vitier

My words verge on silencelike great birds that disappearinto the early evening: theirstrenuous white wingscarry off the intense sweetnessof dusk, visible thenin starlight.My words turn toward the nightwith no look backat what is lost or won, orwhat is missing, —  Cinto Vitier, from “Greater Solitude,” transl. Kathleen Weaver, Image: Art, Faith, Mystery (no. 65, Spring… Continue reading Cinto Vitier


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Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez

if it were up to me if it were up to me I would live where you live in a small dark corner of your soul mornings I would water the roses and the poppies, and even the wild flowers that grow on the banks of your rememberings to the left, after you pass the… Continue reading Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez

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