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Federico García Lorca

Quasida of the Woman Prone To see you naked is to remember the Earth, the smoooth Earth, clean of horses, the Earth without reeds, pure form, closed to the future, confine of silver. To see you naked is to understand the desire of rain that looks for the delicate waist, or the fever of the… Continue reading Federico García Lorca

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Antonio Machado

And will that spellbound world die with you where memory holds those breaths, the purest in your life, the white shadow of your first love, the voice that went to your heart, the hand you wanted to hold in dream, and every love that touched your soul, the profound sky? Is your world to die… Continue reading Antonio Machado

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Anthology · Classic · Collection · Compilation · Generation of '27 · Generation of '36 · Poetry · Spanish Culture · Spanish Literature

Miguel Hernández

After Love We could not be. The earth could not be enough for us. We are not equal to what the sun intended with its distant desire. One foot draws a little closer to the light. The other insists on darkness. Because love is not forever, not in me, or anyone else. Hatred waits for… Continue reading Miguel Hernández

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