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Roland Barthes

We don’t forget, but something vacant settles in us. — Roland Barthes, Mourning Diary. (Hill and Wang; First Edition edition, October 12, 2010) Advertisements

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Georges Bataille

There is always some limit which the individual accepts. He identifies this limit with himself. Horror seizes him at the thought that this limit may cease to be. But we are wrong to take this limit and the individual’s acceptance of it seriously. The limit is only there to be overreached. Fear and horror are… Continue reading Georges Bataille

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Arthur Rimbaud

A Winter Dream In winter we’ll travel in a little pink carriageWith cushions of blue.We’ll be fine. A nest of mad kisses waitsIn each corner too. You’ll shut your eyes, not to see, through the glass,Grimacing shadows of evening,Those snarling monsters, a crowd going pastOf black wolves and black demons. Then you’ll feel your cheek… Continue reading Arthur Rimbaud

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