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Anne Stevenson

My brain’s a film, I’m made of timed exposures, And pounding my ears and eyes with waves of light— These animate flakes, these pictures I call sight. But now you’re out of the picture, no one can keep Coherent sightings of you, except in language. — Anne Stevenson, from “Elegy: In Coherent Light,” Poetry (July/August… Continue reading Anne Stevenson

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Patrick Phillips

It’s not the drug I miss but all those minutes we used to steal outside the library, under restaurant awnings, out on porches, by the quiet fields. And how kind it used to make us when we’d laugh and throw our heads back and watch the dragon’s breath float from our mouths, all ravenous and… Continue reading Patrick Phillips

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Steven Heighton

So her ceiling a map of stars. First time we made love late afternoon late winter, and after she slept how her room fogged up with dusk and paper stars she’d stuck up there in childhood came out in strange constellations and I missed the earth till her room was night her breath deepening the… Continue reading Steven Heighton

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Rainer Maria Rilke

Breath, you invisible poem! Steady, sheer exchange between the cosmos and our being. Counterpoise in which I rhythmically become […] You, air, still full of places once mine, do you know me? You once my words’ sphere, leaf, and smooth rind. —Rainer Maria Rilke, first and last strophes to “Sonnet 1,” The Sonnets to Orpheus:… Continue reading Rainer Maria Rilke

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