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John Koethe

A sudden [b]reeze sweeps through the vacant lots, scattering leaves And cellophane, the miscellaneous detritus of a life. Like scraps of paper carried by the breeze from home To here, and then a figure walking towards me Across an open field, coming from the vast distance Things tend towards, they come at last to me:… Continue reading John Koethe

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Irvin Yalom

And what is the most terrible thing about boredom? Why do we rush to dispel it? Because it is a distraction-free state which soon enough reveals underlying unpalatable truths about existence—our insignificance, our meaningless existence, our inexorable progression to deterioration and death. — Irvin Yalom, The Schopenhauer Cure. (Harper Perennial; Reprint edition, January 3, 2006)… Continue reading Irvin Yalom

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Pablo Neruda

You gather things to you like an old road. You are peopled with echoes and nostalgic voices. I awoke and at times birds fled and migrated that had been sleeping in your soul. —Pablo Neruda, from “Your Breast Is Enough,” Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Translated by W. S. Merwin. (Penguin Classics;… Continue reading Pablo Neruda

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