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Nancy Sullivan

The world is always ending: day succumbs to stingy night. Sleep travels in a pill. Vietnam splinters in the East. Bathwater cools, stomachs sag. The ears harbor static. The eye hoards cataract. Who denies the essential flaw? Every poem fails. — Nancy Sullivan, from “eclipse 1—what happened” of “Eclipses,” The Treasury of American Poetry, ed.… Continue reading Nancy Sullivan

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Tristan Tzara

If the birds were among us to be mirrored In the tranquil lake above our heads                                              WE MIGHT UNDERSTAND                Death would be a long and beautiful voyage And an endless holiday for the flesh for structure for bone — Tristan Tzara, from “The Death of Apollinaire (La Mort de Guillaume Apollinaire),” (1919) The… Continue reading Tristan Tzara

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Françoise Delcarte

To erase all till nightfall, to cancel, disown myself. To be immersed in you, To vouch for your laughter. To let the seasons flow until the day staggers Or falls to its knees. I want the night to die. I want to die in you. Summer will then be ashes, A charred morning will lie… Continue reading Françoise Delcarte

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Cherríe Moraga

Like a poet I have come here to look for god — Cherríe Moraga, from “New Mexican Confession,” Daughters of the Fifth Sun: A Collection of Latina Fiction and Poetry, eds. Bryce Milligan, Mary Guerrero Milligan, and Angela de Hoyos (Riverhead Books, 1995)

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