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Jack Gilbert

All things are taken away. Indeed, indeed. But we secretly think of our bodies in the heart’s storm and just after. And the sound of careless happiness. We touch finally only a little. Like the shy tongue that come fleetingly in the dark. The acute little that is there. —Jack Gilbert, from “The Abundant Little,”… Continue reading Jack Gilbert

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John Ashbery

There is that sound like the wind Forgetting in the branches that means something Nobody can translate. And there is the sobering ‘later on,’ When you consider what a thing meant, and put it down. —  John Ashbery, from “Summer,” Selected Poems (Viking Penguin, 1985)

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Vicente Aleixandre

The word answers, for the world. There are mornings we hear the sea inside of it, or the earth. It’s a shadowy cave or a suspended lightning bolt. Some nights are lit up with the words of people. A voice or a starry sky! —Vicente Aleixandre, from “The Ear-the Word,” A Longing for the Light:… Continue reading Vicente Aleixandre

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Friedrich Nietzsche

Did you ever say “Yes” to one joy? Oh my friends, then you also said “Yes” to all pain. All things are entwined, enmeshed, enamoured–did you ever want Once to be Twice, did you ever say “I love you, bliss–instant–flash–” then you wanted everything back. Everything anew, everything forever, everything entwined, enmeshed, enamoured–oh, thus you… Continue reading Friedrich Nietzsche

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