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Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about. ― Rumi, Essential Rumi. (HarperOne; Reprint edition May 28, 2004) Originally published 1273.  

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Pains of Sleep Ere on my bed my limbs I lay, It hath not been my use to pray With moving lips or bended knees; But silently, by slow degrees, My spirit I to Love compose, In humble trust mine eyelids close, With reverential resignation, No wish conceived, no thought expressed, Only a sense… Continue reading Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Jeanette Winterson

What is desire? Desire is a restaurant. Desire is watching you eat. Desire is pouring wine for you. Desire is looking at the menu and wondering what it would be like to kiss you. Desire is the surprise of your skin. Look – in between us now are the props of ordinary life – glasses,… Continue reading Jeanette Winterson

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Etty Hillesum

Everything is chance, or nothing is chance. If I believed the first, I would be unable to live on, but I am not yet fully convinced of the second. ” — Etty Hillesum, An Interrupted Life: The Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum. (Picador November 15, 1996)

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Haruki Murakami

But even so, every now and then I would feel a violent stab of loneliness. The very water I drink, the very air I breathed, would feel like long, sharp needles. The pages of a book in my hands would take on the threatening metallic gleam of razor blades. I could hear the roots of… Continue reading Haruki Murakami

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