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Mahmoud Darwish

This heart, my heart, is small and the love, my love, is large. It travels in the wind, descends, loosens a pomegranate then falls in the wandering of two almond eyes, then ascends in the dawn of two dimples and forgets the way back to house and name. This heart, my heart, is small and… Continue reading Mahmoud Darwish

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Alice Wright

These dogwood branches on the windowsill—they’re my touch, stemming freshly. In my spell I am suspended, seamed into soft-drawn letters I’ve just learned. Is this the floating feeling when you’ve come into love? — Alice Wright, from “Photograph: Alice Allgood Cooper on Her Wedding Trip,” ecotone (Spring/Summer 2017)

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Meghan Privitello

I would give up all of my memories of trains if one passed through the foothills as I watched. All to say, there is enough emptiness to be buried wherever the weathervane stops. There is enough emptiness to feel holy. — Meghan Privitello, “Day 6,” Notes on the End of the World, Black Lawrence Press:… Continue reading Meghan Privitello

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Geoffrey Hill

Consequence when we vaunt and suffer, or If it is not, all echoes are the same In such eternity. Then tell me, love, How that should comfort us—or anyone Dragged half-unnerved out of this worldly place, Crying to the end ‘I have not finished’. — Geoffrey Hill, from “Funeral Music,” New and Collected Poems 1952-1992… Continue reading Geoffrey Hill

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