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Charles Wright

Time is the villain in most tales,                                                    and here, too,Lowering its stiff body into the water.Its landscape is the resurrection of the word,No end of it,                      the petals of wreckage in everything. —Charles Wright, from “The Southern Cross,” The Southern Cross (Random House, 1981)

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May Sarton

In space in time I sitThousands of feet aboveThe sea and meditateOn solitude on loveNear all is brown and poorHouses are made of earthSun opens every doorThe city is a hearthFar all is blue and strangeThe sky looks down on snowAnd meets the mountain-rangeWhere time is light not shadowTime in the heart held stillSpace as… Continue reading May Sarton

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Amie Whittemore

To forget how you tasted those leggy afternoonswhen our bodies spilledlike wine across the floor, is to admit a hawk into the house.Is to wring a rag of water. When I’m in the thicketwith my smaller hungers,I don’t need to know every cave and what it stores, cooland damp, for you. I don’t needto know… Continue reading Amie Whittemore

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