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Andrew Zawacki

And whenever the prologues to night are enacted, the dimming sun and its grace note gloss on the bay—listen, you’ll hear your self-portrait unveiling, an angelus rising out of indifference, to haunt you with a blueprint of such vacancies by which we visit ourselves. — Andrew Zawacki, from “Velocity among the Ruins of Angel Republic,”… Continue reading Andrew Zawacki

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Lisel Mueller

We want to hear someone say, “I give you my heart,” meaning, “summer and winter,” meaning, “all my time in this world,” and to imagine what it is like, dying of heartbreak, a subtle, yet extravagant death, nothing to do with the blood supply, or lack of it, that kills us. — Lisel Mueller, from… Continue reading Lisel Mueller

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Philip Larkin

Truly, though our element is time, We are not suited to the long perspectives Open at each instant of our lives. They link us to our losses: worse, They show us what we have as it once was, Blindingly undiminished, just as though By acting differently, we could have kept it so. — Philip Larkin,… Continue reading Philip Larkin

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