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Seamus Heaney

Your songs, when you sing them with your two eyes closed As you always do, are like a local road We’ve known every turn of in the past— That midge-veiled, high-hedged side-road where your stood Looking and listening until a car Would come and go and leave you lonelier Than you had been to begin… Continue reading Seamus Heaney

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Gregory Orr

I remember the cloud on its blue bicycle gliding over the leaves under the bare branches. You and I were walking. You wore your long green dress with the hem frayed so the loose threads seemed like tiny roots. We were holding hands when my hand became a yellow scarf and you stood waving it… Continue reading Gregory Orr

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Carl Sandburg

What is there for you in the birds, the birds, the birds, crying down in the north wind in September—acres of birds spotting the air going south? Is there something finished? And some new beginning on the way? — Carl Sandburg, from section “Falltime” in “Redhaw Winds,” Poetry (October 1918)

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