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Courtney Maum

You love people. They disappoint you. But sometimes, they don’t. They just keep loving you, right through it all, waiting for you to wake up and appreciate them. To say, ‘I love you. I’ve always loved you back.’ — Courtney Maum, I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You. (Touchstone, June 10, 2014) Advertisements

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Philip K. Dick

[O]nly death can get us out of this and maybe not even death. Maybe it’s too late; we’ll carry this deterioration with us to the next life. — Philip K. Dick, Dr. Bloodmoney. (Vintage; Reprint edition, May 14, 2002) Originally published 1965.

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Virginia Woolf

That dream, of sharing, completing, of finding in solitude on the beach an answer, was then but a reflection in a mirror, and the mirror itself was but the surface glassiness which forms in quiescence when the nobler powers sleep beneath? Impatient, despairing yet loth to go (for beauty offers her lures, has her consolations),… Continue reading Virginia Woolf

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Jean-Paul Sartre

I felt myself in a solitude so frightful that I contemplated suicide. What held me back was the idea that no one, absolutely no one, would be moved by my death, that I would be even more alone in death than in life. — Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea. (New Directions Publishing Corporation January 1, 1975) Originally… Continue reading Jean-Paul Sartre

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