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Jim Morrison

I am troubled, immeasurably by your eyes. I am struck by the feather of your soft reply. The sound of glass speaks quick, disdain and conceals what your eyes fight to explain. ― Jim Morrison, Wilderness: The Lost Writings, Vol. (Vintage; 1st Vintage Books ed edition, December 17, 1989) Originally published 1988.

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Regina Spektor

You’re young until you’re not. You love until you don’t. You try until you can’t. You laugh until you cry. You cry until you laugh. And everyone must breathe until their dying breath. —  Regina Spektor, from “On the Radio,” Begin To Hope. Release Date: June 12, 2006. Label: Sire.

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Leonard Cohen

I loved you when you opened Like a lily to the heat. I’m just another snowman Standing in the rain and sleet, Who loved you with his frozen love His second-hand physique – With all he is, and all he was A thousand kisses deep. — Leonard Cohen, from “A Thousand Kisses Deep” Early version… Continue reading Leonard Cohen

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