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Mads Mikkelsen

We both know the unreality of taking a life, of people who died, we had no chance, we know, in those moments, they’re not flesh. Light, and air, and color. — Mads Mikkelsen [Hannibal Lecter] Hannibal (2013) Season 1 Episode 10 “Buffet Froid.” Written by Andy Black, Chris Brancato & Bryan Fuller. Directed by John… Continue reading Mads Mikkelsen

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Javier Marias

The passing of time exacerbates and intensifies any storm, even though there wasn’t the tiniest cloud on the horizon at the beginning. We cannot know what time will do to us with its fine, indistinguishable layers upon layers, we cannot know what it might make of us. It advances stealthily, day by day and hour… Continue reading Javier Marias

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