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Townes Van Zandt

Aloneness is a state of being, whereas loneliness is a state of feeling. It’s like the difference between being broke and being poor. — Townes Van Zandt, from the documentary Be Here To Love Me (Palm Pictures, 2005)

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Leonard Cohen

As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice. What were these instructions? The instructions were never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity and beauty. — Leonard Cohen

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Lana Del Rey

There’s a hole that’s in my heart all my women try and healThey’re doin’ a good job convincin’ me that it’s not realIt’s heat lightningOh, oh‘Cause there’s a man that’s in my past, there’s a man that’s still right hereHe’s real enough to touch and in my darkest nightsHe’s shinin’ — Elizabeth Grant and Gabriel… Continue reading Lana Del Rey

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