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Pierre Reverdy

I saw you
  I saw you in the distance in front of the wall
  I saw the hole of your shadow on the wall
  There was still some sand left
  And your bare feet
  Your footprints that went on and on
  How would I have known you
  The sky took up the whole background the whole space
  At the bottom a little bit of land shining in the sun
  And a little more space
  And the sea
  The star came out of the water
  A ship passed flying low
                                   A bird
  The line at the horizon from which the current was coming
  The waves laughed as they died
  Everything continues
  No one knows where time will stop
                                 Or night
  Everything is erased by the wind
  We sing differently
  We speak with another accent

— Pierre Reverdy, from “That Memory,” Pierre Reverdy (NYRB Poets, 2013)

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