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F. Scott Fitzgerald

If I knew words enough, I could write the longest love letter in the world and never get tired. — F. Scott Fitzgerald, from “Head and Shoulders,” The Best Early Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. (Modern Library; Modern Library Pbk. Ed edition, November 8, 2005) Originally published 1924.

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Li-Young Lee

Once, years back, I walked beside my father among the windfall pears. I can’t recall our words. We may have strolled in silence. But I still see him bend that way—left hand braced on knee, creaky—to lift and hold to my eye a rotten pear. In it, a hornet spun crazily, glazed in slow, glistening… Continue reading Li-Young Lee

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Frank O’Hara

If life were merely a habit, I should commit suicide; but even now, more or less desperate, I cannot but think, ‘Something wonderful may happen.’ It is not optimism, it is a rejection of self-pity (I hope) which leaves a loophole for life… I merely choose to remain living out of respect for possibility. And… Continue reading Frank O’Hara

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