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Nancy Sullivan

The world is always ending: day succumbs to stingy night. Sleep travels in a pill. Vietnam splinters in the East. Bathwater cools, stomachs sag. The ears harbor static. The eye hoards cataract. Who denies the essential flaw? Every poem fails. — Nancy Sullivan, from “eclipse 1—what happened” of “Eclipses,” The Treasury of American Poetry, ed.… Continue reading Nancy Sullivan

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T.S. Eliot

Desire itself is movement Not in itself desireable; Love is itself unmoving, Only the cause and end of movement, Timeless, and undesiring Except in the aspect of time Caught in the form of limitation Between un-being and being. Sudden in a shaft of sunlight Even while the dust moves There rises the hidden laughter Of… Continue reading T.S. Eliot

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