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Charles Tomlinson

Days that haunt the poem’s single day are like the air revisiting this house of vocables that you and I designed: its windows watch an ocean and a sky to learn what portion of the other’s mind the jet-trails presage: letters are stones that fly to settle in a wall of which the line traces… Continue reading Charles Tomlinson

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Barry Lopez

I felt a calmness birds can bring to people; and, quieted, I sensed here the outlines of the oldest mysteries: the nature and extent of space, the fall of light from the heavens, the pooling of time in the present, as if it were water. – Barry Lopez, Arctic Dreams. (Peter Smith Pub Inc, January… Continue reading Barry Lopez

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Richard Jackson

The air here is mottled with all these dreams. Above me the swifts write a random history of the soul. Against them, I put these words for you, a kind of prayer themselves, a way to redeem the silences these bones announce, something about the way we live our loves, forever on the verge of… Continue reading Richard Jackson

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