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Jorge Luis Borges

Sunset is always disturbing whether theatrical or muted, but still more disturbing is that last desperate glow that turns the plain to rust when on the horizon nothing is left of the pomp and clamor of the setting sun. How hard holding on to that light, so tautly drawn and different, that hallucination which the… Continue reading Jorge Luis Borges

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Arthur Rimbaud

On the blue summer evenings, I will go along the paths, And walk over the short grass, as I am pricked by the wheat: Daydreaming I will feel the coolness on my feet. I will let the wind bathe my bare head. I will not speak, I will have no thoughts: But infinite love will… Continue reading Arthur Rimbaud

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Federico García Lorca

Angel and muse come from without; the angel gives radiance, the muse gives precepts … On the other hand, the duende has to be roused in the very cells of the blood. — Federico García Lorca, from “Theory and Function of the Duende,” trans. J. L. Gilli, 1933, Toward the Open Field: Poets on the… Continue reading Federico García Lorca

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Anna Szabó

And anything might happen now, I suppose, the way it did that first night there, back then. Though there are only rails and fog. Who knows. Wherever you go now, come with me again. — Anna Szabó, from “This Day,” Wherever I Lie Is Your Bed, edited by Margaret Jull Costa, Marilyn Hacker (Two Lines… Continue reading Anna Szabó

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Katherine Mansfield

It is true when you are by yourself and you think about life, it is always sad. All that excitement and so on has a way of suddenly leaving you, and it’s as though, in the silence, somebody called your name, and you heard your name for the first time. — Katherine Mansfield, from “At… Continue reading Katherine Mansfield

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