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Robert Penn Warren

Accept these images for what they are— Out of the past a fragile element Of substance into accident. I would speak honestly and of a full heart; I would speak surely for the tale is short, And the soul’s remorseless catalogue Assumes its quick and piteous sum. — Robert Penn Warren, from “San Francisco Night… Continue reading Robert Penn Warren

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Tim Ingold

To perceive a landscape is therefore to carry out an act of remembrance, and remembering is not so much a matter of calling up an internal image, stored in the mind, as of engaging perceptually with an environment that is itself pregnant with the past. — Tim Ingold, from “The Temporality of the Landscape,” World… Continue reading Tim Ingold

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Paulie Lipman

Woke up with my mouth on the rail again A minute’s more sleep and the train would’ve curbstomped me into oblivion, my scattered teeth a star show for the tunnel rats We are all a second and centimeter away from being art — Paulie Lipman, from “Sometimes the Light at the end of the Tunnel… Continue reading Paulie Lipman

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Nicole Brossard

I am trying to imagine language without light, as though I wanted to understand how things were before language, when, deep in the throat, syllables and vowels were not yet organized and it was necessary to tilt one’s head back to allow sounds to fly through the open air, terrifying, guttural or strident. — Nicole… Continue reading Nicole Brossard

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