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Rachel Zucker

Letter [December to Persephone] Am I the only one to notice the soft layer of haze above snow? You say you see butterflies in the skeleton pelvis, well, what about the larger hand of the clock? Or a cauldron for boiling water? Did you, do you ever stop falling?                                  I repeat your name                                     … Continue reading Rachel Zucker

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Diana Bellessi

Moonlight on the water showed it vivid against the sky. Further back, she was watching me. She began to sing a song. Worn out by love, by terror, I knew her voice was creating the secret half of the world. —Diana Bellessi, from “Pursuit of the Dream,” Nobody Gets in Here With Words, The Twins,… Continue reading Diana Bellessi

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Robert Penn Warren

Waters, hypnotic, long after moonset, murmur Under your window, and Time Is only a shade on the underside of the beech-leaf Which, upward, reflects a tiny refulgence of stars. What can you dream to make Time real again? I have read in a book that dream is the mother of memory, And if there’s no… Continue reading Robert Penn Warren

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