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Anne Michaels

Just when the body thinks it knows the ways of knowing itself, this second skin continues to answer. In the street – café chairs abandoned on terraces; market stalls emptied of their solid light, though pavement still breathes summer grapes and peaches. Like the light of anything that grows from this newly-turned earth, every tip… Continue reading Anne Michaels

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Meghan Privitello

I would give up all of my memories of trains if one passed through the foothills as I watched. All to say, there is enough emptiness to be buried wherever the weathervane stops. There is enough emptiness to feel holy. — Meghan Privitello, “Day 6,” Notes on the End of the World, Black Lawrence Press:… Continue reading Meghan Privitello

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Jack Gilbert

Imagine if suffering were real. Imagine if those old people were afraid of death. What if the midget or the girl with one arm really felt pain? Imagine how impossible it would be to live if some people were alone and afraid all their lives. — Jack Gilbert, “Games,” Monolithos: Poems, 1962 and 1982. (Alfred… Continue reading Jack Gilbert

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