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Eliot Weinberger

What is WIND and what is BONE have never been conclusively determined by the generations of Chinese critics, but what is certain, according to Liu Hsieh, is that the perfect combination or balance of WIND and BONE, the metaphor for the ideal poem, is a bird. — Eliot Weinberger, An Elemental Thing. (New Directions; 1St… Continue reading Eliot Weinberger

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Edmond Jabès

In your loneliness, you hear the word from far away and then, in gratitude, look at it so closely that you cannot but drown in it. — Edmond Jabès, The Book of Questions: Volume II [Yaël; Elya; Aely; El, Or the Last Book] (Wesleyan; Revised ed. Edition, September 15, 1991) Originally published January 1st 1967.

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