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Tomaž Šalamun

I Know Last night, in the water where Barnett Newman’s line disappeared, I drowned. I swam to the surface, like a black, dark-blue luminous blossom. It’s terrible to be a flower. The world stopped. Mute, like velvet, I opened, perhaps for good. Before, with Tomaž Brejc, we talked about the mystique of finance, about the… Continue reading Tomaž Šalamun

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Lorna Dee Cervantes

I’m burning like the white ring around the moon. “A witch’s moon,” dijo mi abuela. The schools call it “a reflection of ice crystals.” It’s a storm brewing in the cauldron of the sky. I’m in love — Lorna Dee Cervantes, from “The Body As Braille,” Emplumada. (University of Pittsburgh Press; 1 edition, December 31,… Continue reading Lorna Dee Cervantes

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Joseph Conrad

He did not care what the end would be, and in his lucid moments overvalued his indifference. The danger, when not seen, has the imperfect vagueness of human thought. The fear grows shadowy; and Imagination, the enemy of men, the father of all terrors, unstimulated, sinks to rest in the dullness of exhausted emotion. ―… Continue reading Joseph Conrad

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Emily Dickinson

The Brain — is wider than the Sky — For — put them side by side — The one the other will contain With ease — and You — beside — The Brain is deeper than the sea — For — hold them — Blue to Blue — The one the other will absorb —… Continue reading Emily Dickinson

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